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Ferro Titanium

Ferro Titanium is an alloy with different combination of Iron & Titanium and usually avalbale in the range between Ti: 25 - 75%.It is either produced in Induction Furnace or by Alumino Thermit Prcess. The main raw materials for producing Ferro Titanium is Aluminium Powder, Illemenite Sand & Milli Scale. Ferro Titanium is mainly produced in India and in Europe by LSM or AMG.
Ferro Titanium Applications
Ferro Titanium is used as a Cleansing Agent in Production of Steel as its highly reactive with Sulphur, Carbon, Oxygen & Nitrogen. Its also ised for for deoxidizing, desulfurization and denitrification. Ferro Titanium is used in manufacturing of Welding Electrodes & also Fire Works or Pyrotech applications