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Ferro Tungsten

Ferro Tungsten is an alloy, which is formed by combining iron and tungsten with a tungsten content range in two grades (A and B) and the content ranges are 75%-82% and 70%-75% respectively. By combining iron with tungsten, the tendencies towards brittleness are overcome from the raw state of tungsten, and Ferro Tungsten is often a major component of popular super alloys. The Origin of Ferro Tungsten is China.
A75 Min0.
Ferro Tungsten Applications
Ferro Tungsten is mainly used to increase the melting point of any alloys and as such is suitable for various applications such as Aerospace, Castings & Welding Electrode. Within Electrodes, Ferro Tungsten is mainly used for production of Hardfacing Electordes and even Hardfacing Tubular Electrodes.